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This Testimonial section is devoted to the happy people that have been taking SMT Fitness during or hard times of Covid-19 quarantine. I had to start our training sessions on FaceBook (FB) Live since 3/14/20. We have been conducting our FB Live sessions every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We are still conducting the FB live sessions as of this date. I want to thank everyone for their continued support of our training.

Chief Intsructor Tim Vazquez

What an amazing training that we have been doing since March 2020. SMT fitness contains amazing/challenging pushups, DT techniques, BUDO, Aikido, core exercises , bokken, iaito, and jo suburis, unforgettable exercises from Chiba Sensei, Greg O'Connor Sensei, and many more. We should not forget Tim Sensei amazing narrative, advices, and recommendations along with the training. We are so lucky to have you Tim Sensei.

Sincerely yours,
Koray Kaplan
Currently in Ankara, Turkey
Lived in New Jersey for 18 years.

I've been training online with you for 2 months. As a 76 yr old aikidoka who can't go to the dojo, you've been a godsend. Love the weapons and the calisthenics!

Thank You,
Andy Martin

My Best Shape! I truly believe that I am in better shape by following SMT Fitness 3x’s a week then I was attending class!

I am stronger and leaner.
Love the different push-ups and bokken cutting.
Looking forward to the next class.
SMT is a fantastic all around fitness System.

Best regards,
Jim Graziano

Tim, Thanks for providing the invaluable SMT Fitness class during this Covid lock-down. It is keeping me connected to my Aikido roots and offering me a physical, mental and spiritual respite. Just when I think "I got this" you throw another push-up challenge (I need that push).  I think I speak for many of us when I say that you are strengthening our bodies,  our minds and our spirits.

Thank You,
Jose Rodriguez

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