Aikido Center of Manasquan
Aikido Center of Manasquan


SMT FITNESS is an advanced form of physical training that incorporates interval exercise philosophies and co-mingles them with traditional samurai "Bokken" (traditional wooden sword) training.

It incorporates yoga, cardio, agility drills and plyometric training with traditional samurai Bokken hidden techniques as a caloric burning exercise

(S)amurai (M)ust (T)rain Fitness

Are you interested in physical fitness with a martial arts flare? This interval fitness program is designed for martial arts practitioners, cardio enthusiast, sports athletes or just a person looking to better their health and want to try something different to stay in shape. Train at your own pace. All levels of fitness are welcome.

Learn to move like legendary Samurai in a modern day cardio training format:

  • CUT the body into shape.

  • CUT your way to fitness to a sharper way of life.

  • CUT sweat while improving your self-confidence and sharpen the mind!

56 Union Ave.- Rear
Manasquan, NJ.

Aikido Center of Manasquan



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