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Aikido Center of Manasquan

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(S)amurai (M)ust (T)rain Fitness

This training program can help in (S)word (M)ovement (T)raining , cardio for better health, agility for better mind/body and the "Bokken" training to awaken the Samurai spirit.


All new physical medical reports indicate that interval training sessions between 20-30 minutes maximum achieves optimal cardio and physical levels. All the SMT Fitness lesson plans are designed in 20-30 minute interval programs. 

Move like legendary Samurai by using a Bokken as your "only" training tool to:

  • CUT the body into shape and sharpen the mind.

  • CUT your way to fitness to a sharper way of life.

  • CUT sweat and improve your self-confidence!

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