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SMT FITNESS is an advanced form of physical training that incorporates different exercise philosophies and co-mingles them with traditional samurai bokken (wooden sword training) training.

It incorporates yoga, cardio, agility drills and plyometric training with traditional samurai bokken (wooden sword) hidden techniques as a caloric burning exercise

(S)amurai (M)ust (T)rain Fitness

Anyone interested in physical fitness with a martial arts flare. They can be martial arts practitioners, cardio enthusiast, sports athletes or just a person looking for how to better their health and want to try something different to stay in shape.

This training program can help in (S)word (M)ovement (T)raining , cardio for better health, agility for better mind/body and the bokken (traditional wooden sword) training to awaken the Samurai spirit.

Learn to move like legendary Samurai in a modern day cardio training format by using a (B)okken (traditional wooden sword) as your "only" training tool to:

  • CUT the body into shape and sharpen the mind.

  • CUT your way to fitness to a sharper way of life.

  • CUT sweat while cutting a better figure, improve your self-confidence and sharpen the mind!

SMT FITNESS Founder, Tim Vazquez

Chief Instructor Vazquez has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and is retired as a State Investigator for... the State New Jersey. Some of his extensive law enforcement expertise and training includes:

  • Certified FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor since 1993.

  • Former instructor of (S)pecial (W)eapons (A)nd (T)actical response teams.

  • Member on two separate teams holding position of point man.

  • Former lead D.T. instructor for an accredited NJ State law enforcement training academy and author of the D.T. lesson plan currently in use.

  • Former certified Police Academy Instructor by the NJ Police Training Commission since 1992.

  • Recipient of N.J. General Assembly Resolutions and U.S. Congressional Recognition for outstanding law enforcement service.

  • Over 35 years of martial arts experience. Full time practitioner of a traditional Japanese martial art called Aikido holding the rank of 5th degree. Instructor and administrator of a martial arts training facility for over 16 years.

From his H.S. track and field practice, to the Police Academy, to the S.W.A.T. training, to traditional martial arts… He found that there were common connections to exercise disciplines that can be combined to develop an excellent, caloric reduction fitness program.

SMT FITNESS is a combination of all these years of physical training disciplines to include the use of the BOKKEN, a traditional wooden sword!



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